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La Poire


Anine Cecilie Iversen, the artist behind La Poire, has been drawing and painting since she was a child. Earlier this year, she decided to take the leap and become an artist full-time. She describes her art as a study of colour, organic shapes, and the modern human being.

"I am fascinated by the perishable and ever-changing. Fashion, femininity, my feelings, and thoughts," Anine says.

She creates her paintings using watercolours, gouache, coloured pencils, and oil pastels.

"I love playing around and try not to overthink my practice, as I think this gives a certain ease that's very important to me," she says.

La Poire posters

Anine Cecilie Iversen è l'artista dietro La Poire. Anine Cecilie Iversen vive a Copenaghen, in Danimarca, ed è una graphic designer. Ha iniziato a disegnare e dipingere con gli acquerelli già da bambina. Nella sua arte, possiamo vedere motivi botanici colorati e donne aggraziate, moderne e alla moda in colori colorati e forme organiche audaci. Descrive che trova la sua ispirazione nella natura, nella moda, nell'arte moderna e nei suoi pensieri e sentimenti. Esplora e trova la tua arte preferita da La Poire a Desenio!